Employee Campaign 2014
Why We Give . . .
The mission of Daytona State College Foundation is to provide financial assistance to students and funding for critical needs that are beyond the scope of the College’s budget. Without our donors, we would not be able to fulfill our mission.
We have designated the month of April to host our inaugural ‘Campaign for Employee Giving’.  With this, we asked some of our employees why they give to Daytona State College Foundation, and this is what they have to say.

'13 Employee Campaign

Alice Godbey
“I give to the Foundation because I want to return the help that was given to me when I was a student here at Daytona State College.” 

'13 Employee Campaign

Warren Selig
Senior Trades Supervisor
“I give to the Foundation in order to help provide support for students wanting to further their education."



'13 Employee Campaign

Mercedes Clement
Head Librarian/Senior Professor
“I give to the Foundation because I am very passionate about the welfare and success of our students”

'13 Employee Campaign

Kevin McCrary
Dean of Financial Aid
“I was a recipient of scholarships, which contributed to my success today. I believe it is important to support our scholarship efforts because it strengthens the chances for success of students who come after me.”

'13 Employee Campaign

Misty Carlson
Director of Clinical Ed-Resp Care
“I give to the Foundation to support Daytona State College students as they pursue their dreams and to give back from all the help I received as a student.”

'13 Employee Campaign

Judi Van Horn
Lead Groundskeeper
“I like to give back so others can gain from the opportunities an education from Daytona State College offers.”



'13 Employee CampaignBeverly Lawrence
Adminstrative Assistant II
“I give to the Foundation as a small token to make a big impact in our students' lives”


'13 Employee CampaignBruce Cook
Assistant Dean
“I give to the Foundation because the cost of higher education should not be a barrier to success at Daytona State College.”

'13 Employee Campaign

Kathleen Mathen
Financial Aid Specialist
“I give to the Foumdation because I am proud to be a graduate of Daytona State College, and I want to help other students pursue their dreams!”

'13 Employee Campaign

Holly Hollins
“Giving to the Foundation builds a culture of paying opportunity forward, which motivates change in our community. It is really simple.”

'13 Employee CampaignErika Blanken
Mathematics Faculty
“I believe that good education provides the foundation for a solid future. Daytona State College offers a great education.”

'13 Employee CampaignBill Wetherell
Dean of Campus Services
I give to the Foundation because I  believe in helping our students and our community.” 

'13 Employee CampaignKristy Presswood
Associate VP
“I give to the Foundation because I value the education I received at Daytona State College, and I want other students to be afforded the same opportunities."

'13 Employee CampaignJob Clement
Faculty Provost
“I give to the Foundation because it's giving to students, and giving to students is forging a strong America for tomorrow."


'13 Employee CampaignDonald May
Associate professor
“I give to the Foundation because I believe in its mission to provide greater access to education, which is the most powerful factor in making the difference in our own community and our world.” 


Thank you to our current employees who give through Payroll Deduction. 


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