Employee Giving Campaign 2017
The mission of Daytona State College Foundation is to provide financial assistance to students and funding for critical needs that are beyond the scope of the College’s budget. Without our donors, we would not be able to fulfill our mission.
Annually, we designate the month of April to host our Employee Giving Campaign.  During this month, we ask employees to consider donating to the Foundation through payroll deduction.  Employees can choose where their contribution is made, by designating any Foundation Scholarship Fund, the Alumni and Friends Fund, Foundation General Scholarships, or the area of most need.  As little as $1.00 per pay period can make a difference in the lives of students when we all stand together to support scholarships.  

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With this, we asked some of our employees why they give to Daytona State College Foundation, and this is what they have to say.

Why We Give . . .

'17 Employee Campaign

Lucilia Csihas
"So grateful for the many blessings in my life. Giving to the Foundation is a worthwhile way to share some of our blessings with others, and in doing so, we invest in their dreams as well as their future!"

'17 Employee Campaign

Jim Jabluszewski
"I choose to give as an affirmation of my commitment to student success.  The contributions benefit students, and by extension, their families, the college, and the community.  We all win as a result."

'17 Employee CampaignPam Radilla

"I choose to give to the Foundation “to help….open doors to education, fulfill career dreams, and strengthen our community.”

'17 Employee Campaign Dr. Karla Moore

I choose to give because “Giving is love and by giving, I can help others without having any reason or expectation, the same way God loves us.”

'17 Employee CampaignGabi Booth

I donate to the DSC Foundation because of the support given to students who otherwise might not be able to attend college.  The impact the foundation has in students’ lives realizing their dreams is what makes it all worthwhile.

'17 Employee CampaignMatthew David

"The Daytona State College, School of Adult Education has it as a core mission to provide members of the community with the foundational education necessary to acquire a livable wage career.  I give to the Foundation because the money raised eliminates the financial barriers preventing many people from acquiring their education." 

'17 Employee CampaignNeil Clemmons

“I choose to give to provide that added help that might be the difference in the future of many generations, not just that one person’s.”

'17  Employee CampaignDr. Amy Locklear
I choose to give because I want to be a part of positive change in our community. Education changes lives and the path of families for generations to come. "
'17 Employee CampaignMelanie McDonough

"I give to the Foundation to support DSC students in the pursuit of their dreams.  Higher education opens otherwise closed doors.  Finances should never be the cause of students losing their dream."

'17 Employee CampaignMichelle Goldys
I give to the Foundation because the scholarships awarded each semester provide our students with the financial support necessary to persist towards the successful completion of their program.

'17 Employee CampaignBrenda Loper

I give to the foundation because it is another way for me to give back what has been given to me. My life’s motto is taken from the words of a song: “If I can help somebody as I pass along, then my living shall not be in vain! Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give"! 

Generosity  Is  Very  Encouraging, therefore, I can’t afford not to give!"

'17 Employee CampaignTom Bellomo
"Supporting the Foundation helps meet the needs of individual students, who in turn are often instrumental in strengthening the local community. All of us benefit from the success of our students, so I give to the Foundation knowing that I’m contributing to the greater good."


'17 Employee CampaignDean Howe
"I give to the foundation because it is a way to positively impact our students’ lives, to provide opportunities they otherwise may not have, and to ultimately strengthen our community. I encourage everyone to give to the Foundation Scholarship Fund; make a difference!"

'17 Employee CampaignRay Cornelius
"I believe that no one can do everything but everyone can do something. Giving monetarily to the DSC Foundation provides a concrete way to show we as college employees support our students specifically and our society generally. Everyone wins and that’s how you know it’s a good thing."


'17 Employee CampaignTara DeBloom
give to the Foundation so students have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals through education.





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