Alumni Spotlight

Full Name: Norma J. Poole-Bland  

Years Attended Daytona State: 3 1/2   

Graduation year: Associates Degree received in 2015, Bachelor's received in December 2016.

Program/Degree: Bachelor's of Applied Science and Supervision
Why did you choose to attend Daytona State? Because of the many Professor's and the reputation of their knowledge within their disciplines.

How has an education from Daytona State made a difference in your life? It has afforded me the opportunity to integrate my life skills, and educational skill set combined with my leadership ability to help those in need.

What have you been doing since you’ve graduated? Preparing to attend The Great Bethune-Cookman University Master's Program in Criminal Justice Administration.

Career/Employment Highlights? If not law school, work as a victim's advocate in the State Attorney's Office, helping  families of murdered and homicide victims, domestic violence, children and families in crisis as an advocate, and lobby legislatures to repeal or modify "bad laws" on the books. 
Some notable Awards & Recognition.  Each semester enrolled, I have worked hard for my name to be added to the Dean's, or President's list, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 2014, 2015, 2016, past Vice-President of Daytona State College Business Club, Distinguished Service Citation, from Daytona Beach, Police Department, several outstanding Community Service Awards, including Volusia County Sheriffs Department for my work on safe streets and neighborhoods, Mayoral appointee to several City of Daytona Beach Community Advisory Boards, Volusia County Human Resources Advisory Board, Public Relations Chairwoman for Juneteenth Committee, Inc. and numerous awards and other recognition's.

Affiliations: Chairwoman, Legal Redress, Volusia County Chapter NAACP, Southeastern Buyer's and Exchange Union, International Masons and Eastern Stars, Inc.

What is your favorite Daytona State memory? My ability to actively recruit, and assist with enrolling 15 inner city students who are registered in academic programs; 3 have graduated with an  Associates degree, 2 receiving Bachelor's Degrees, 3 receiving the Dean's list.
My ability to assist those students with maintaining retention concerns in their prospective programs and assuring them never give up their dreams of receiving a college education, because if can do it at age 67, there is no excuse.

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