Full Name: Dorman Swayne Parsons 

Years Attended Daytona State: 2008-2009

Graduation year: Transferred in 2009

Program/Degree: Pre-med Track

Why did you choose to attend Daytona State?  I wanted a local school to get started and to be able to stay close to home for the first couple years and Daytona State provided a great education base for me to launch from into the rest of my college life and into the professional world.

How has an education from Daytona State made a difference in your life? It gave me the base education to build upon at an affordable price so that I was more prepared for the rest of my college education without being burdened by excessive student loans.

What have you been doing since you’ve graduated?I have worked in a few different professions, but now I work with the a local Event Group that is tied to the local radio stations and I direct and implement multiple events, concerts, festivals, and sporting events throughout Volusia County all year long!

Career/Employment Highlights? I basically get to have fun and go to parties, events, concerts, and festivals and call it work! Plus, I basically get to make my own hours and I get to have fun doing my job!

Some notable Awards & Recognition: I have only been with the Southern Stone Events group for 1 year, but I have helped almost double our income and revenue for the year and created over 30 new events for our year

Affiliations: 103.3 The VIBE, 95.7 The HOG, 99.5 LOV FM, 93.1 Coast Country, WNDB 1150AM, Volusia Young Professionals Group Board, and Daytona Regional Chamber

What is your favorite Daytona State memory? I would have to say my favorite memory aside from the friendships I made while there, would be a professor took me aside after class and told me that “…this place is just a stepping stone, a launching platform for you to go off to bigger and greater things, but you have to take the leap.”

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