Full Name: Jeffrey Eugene Dearduff

Years Attended Daytona State: 1977
Graduation year: 1977
Program/Degree: Adult Education

Why did you choose to attend Daytona State?
I had just moved to the area and was attending Spruce Creek HS in Port Orange after two years at a Catholic HS in Indiana. For whatever reason I did not fit in out there and learned about what was known as DBCC’s Adult Education Program. Later attended Machine Shop classes.

How has an education from Daytona State made a difference in your life?
What it did was provide an opportunity to get out of the world of school and get out into the world sooner. Very soon after finishing, I entered the industry I remain in today.

What have you been doing since you’ve graduated (additional schooling, employment, travel, personal)?
36 years in the Wholesale Baking Industry. Through those years I have went from an entry level employee to a Senior Vice President of a large global food supplier. Also many years of activity on committees and boards that set the direction for the larger industry. I have also traveled the world in my work and interacted in many different cultures with my favorite experience being in Japan for a year.

Through the years I have raised families, had an auto racing (hobby) career (inspired by Daytona lifestyle), learned to play guitar, have become a Christ-follower and an avid golfer.

Career/Employment Highlights (if applicable)?
Entered the industry as a technician at age 18, a Chief Engineer at age 24, a Director of Engineering at age 33, a Director of Operations in 2008, a Vice President in 2012 and a Senior Vice President in 2014. In 2014 I was named the Baking Industry Operations Executive of the Year.

What is your favorite Daytona State memory?
Sorry….wasn’t there very long. Machine Shop was fun.

Note:  Jeff was featured on the cover of Baking and Snack, December 2014 Issue.  Digital magazine can be viewed at http://www.nxtbook.com/sosland/bs/2014_12_01/#/0.

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