Alumni Spotlight

Full Name:  Devin Hunter   

Years Attended Daytona State: 2015-2016

Graduation year: 2016

Program/Degree: Welding Technologies - Applied

Why did you choose to attend Daytona State? DSC offered the program I wanted.

How has an education from Daytona State made a difference in your life? I was able to get a job in my career field before even finishing the class. I’m now able to come back and teach the course and share the experiences I had while working at a large manufacturing corporation.

What have you been doing since you have graduated?  Working in my career field as a welder for Pall Corporation. I gained tons of experience working for them and was able to work on fine tuning my skills.

Career/Employment Highlights? Some of the more exciting projects I work on at Pall Corporation are military contracts for Army tanks and Naval submarines.

Some notable Awards & Recognition:

Affiliations: I have the wonderful opportunity of being a Youth Ambassador for the Volusia Manufacturers Association.

What is your favorite Daytona State memory? I love that I have mastered a skilled trade that I can use to help others, a trade which is productive. And it’s fun to play with fire!

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