Full Name:  Joseph John Angelieri, Jr.

Years Attended Daytona State: 1962-1964     

Graduation year: 1964

Program/Degree: Graphic Design/Associate of Arts

Why did you choose to attend Daytona State?
It had a great curriculum in the area of the arts.

How has an education from Daytona State made a difference in your life?
It gave me the tools and the confidence to go on to develop my creativity in the field of graphic design.

What have you been doing since you’ve graduated (additional schooling, employment, travel, personal)?
After DBJC, I attended Florida State University and studied graphic design. After FSU, I got my first professional job with a local printer as the graphic artist. After a few years and earning my apprenticeship, I eventually opened my own successful graphic design studio and provided graphic design services to major advertising agencies in my home town and nationally.

Career/Employment Highlights (if applicable)?
As a member of the Navy Reserves, I was given the opportunity to support the active Navy men and women with valuable tactical military intelligence. I was able to travel through Central and South America and participate in the Department of Defense’s counter-illicit trafficking operations.

What is your favorite Daytona State memory?
I shared a house with 4 of my best friends while we all attended DBJC. We had great times attending school events. I really enjoyed being on the newspaper staff and being part of the campus radio show. While not a favorite memory; I remember being in the common area outside the library with my friends when I heard that President Kennedy was assassinated.

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