Invest in Education. Donate to Teaching Beyond Borders.

The Teaching Beyond Borders program,
at Daytona State College, works to increase access to a quality education
for all children, especially those children who live in impoverished regions of
the world.

Your gift will help fund the following endeavors of the Teaching Beyond Borders program in Haiti and Nicaragua:

  • Defraying associated program costs for Daytona State College participants; 
  • Purchasing and shipping desperately needed educational materials;
  • Supporting teacher-training programs;
  • Equipping Daytona State College participants with supplies to conduct community service projects;
  • Providing greater access to technology for students and teachers through the purchase and delivery of computers and the payment of Wi-Fi services.

    * Your name (or organization name) will be listed as a valued donor on the Teaching Beyond Borders website and within select

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