Employee Giving Campaign 2015
Why We Give . . .
The mission of Daytona State College Foundation is to provide financial assistance to students and funding for critical needs that are beyond the scope of the College’s budget. Without our donors, we would not be able to fulfill our mission.
Annually, we designate the month of April to host our Employee Giving Campaign.  During this month, we ask employees to consider donating to the Foundation through payroll deduction.  Employees can choose where their contribution is used, by designating any Foundation Scholarship fund, the Alumni and Friends Fund, Foundation General Scholarships, or the area of most need.  As little as $1.00 per pay period can make a difference in the lives of students when we all stand together to support scholarships.  

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With this, we asked some of our employees why they give to Daytona State College Foundation, and this is what they have to say.

'13 Employee CampaignTodd Richardson
“I give to the Foundation because I feel strongly about the mission of Daytona State College and appreciate the opportunity to give back to the community and our students.”

'13 Employee CampaignCharlene Latimer
“Donating to the Foundation helps me be a small part in creating opportunities for students to attend DSC. As an undergraduate student, it would not have been possible for me to attend college without the help of a scholarship program. I'm happy to give back to such a vital program. Join me and support our students - donate to the Scholarship of your choice "

'13 Employee CampaignGeorgina Bevacqua
“I give because I believe in investing in our students and their futures.”


'13 Employee CampaignHarry Russo
“I give a small smount each month through payroll deduction. It's painless. But over time, my contribution adds up and makes a meaningful difference.”


'13 Employee CampaignLynne Johnston
“I have been fortunate enough to serve on past scholarship committees and encourage everyone to volunteer if asked.
It will touch your heart when you realize the overwhelming and deserving need of our students."

Kelvin Badie
“I give because in 1979, someone helped me and I was able to attend college on scholarships.

I give because my mother, who had six children, graduated from DBCC in 1971. The doctor she worked for provided a scholarship so she could enroll in the LPN program."


'13 Employee CampaignScott Reed
“ I give to the foundation because I want to help build our scholarship fund so more can benefit. Payroll deduction makes supporting our students easy."


'13 Employee CampaignMarge Frye
“I choose to give to the foundation because I know all of the funds donated will go to educational scholarships for the many students who struggle to get an education.”




 '13 Employee CampaignJerold Braun
“I give to the foundation because many years ago, I graduated from this institution and I want others to have the same opportunity.”

'13 Employee CampaignRichard Rogers
“Considering all that Daytona State has given to me these many years, supporting the Foundation and its mission is my sincere privilege.”

'13 Employee CampaignCindy McAvoy

“I give because I believe everyone should have the opportunity to pursue a higher education in order to achieve their full potential and reach their dreams."

 '13 Employee CampaignJo-Ann Halloran
“I give because I was a recipient of Daytona State College Foundation scholarships and I believe in paying it forward.”




'13 Employee CampaignBill Tillard
“It is extremely gratifying to see students succeed, esepcially when it's someone who has overcome challenges to get there.
I look forward to the jubilation of graduation ceremonies and find it rewarding to know that my contribution may have played a part in that hapiness and success." 

'13 Employee CampaignMichelle McCraney
“Being a first-time-in-college student, DSC gave me a fresh start, an awesome education, new friends, great experiences and life lessons, and a pathway toa  brighter future.
I give because I  am a true believer that an education can change your life."




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