Employee Giving Campaign 2016
The mission of Daytona State College Foundation is to provide financial assistance to students and funding for critical needs that are beyond the scope of the College’s budget. Without our donors, we would not be able to fulfill our mission.
Annually, we designate the month of April to host our Employee Giving Campaign.  During this month, we ask employees to consider donating to the Foundation through payroll deduction.  Employees can choose where their contribution is made, by designating any Foundation Scholarship Fund, the Alumni and Friends Fund, Foundation General Scholarships, or the area of most need.  As little as $1.00 per pay period can make a difference in the lives of students when we all stand together to support scholarships.  

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With this, we asked some of our employees why they give to Daytona State College Foundation, and this is what they have to say.

Why We Give . . .

'16 Employee CampaignJohn Connor
“Education, once achieved, is among one’s most valuable assets. But personal circumstances and lack of finances often prevent many people from reaching this goal. The Foundation works to remove these barriers. That’s why I give my support.”

'16 Employee CampaignLouie Mercer
“Over my 22 years as a Daytona Beach police officer, I’ve seen firsthand the hardships people often must endure because they lack an education. That’s why I give to the Foundation. I want to help provide people the opportunity they may otherwise not have.”

'16 Employee CampaignKaren Duhlstine
“I believe in the power of
numbers. If everyone gave just a little, it would have a positive impact on the lives of so many students.”

'16 Employee Campaign Constance Wilkerson
“I give to the Foundation to
help our students reach
their educational goals.”

'16 Employee CampaignIsalene Montgomery
“I give to the Foundation
because I have seen how it can change the lives of our students.  I truly believe that by supporting the Foundation’s mission, we become instruments in helping students achieve their academic success. Together, we can make a mark that cannot be erased!”

'16 Employee Campaign

Frank Mercer

“I give to the Foundation because it provides hope and a future to so many in our community.”

'13 Employee CampaignElena Jarvis
“I give to the Foundation
because I got an excellent
education at a Florida
community college, I give back to those who gave so much to me.”

'16 Employee CampaignSuzy McDowell
“I give to the Foundation
because scholarships help
students explore the many
opportunities at Daytona State. Scholarships are an investment in our students’ futures.
As graduates, they will one day give back to our communities, our state and our world.

 '16 Employee CampaignLinda Sullivan
“I’ve been supporting
various Foundation scholarships since 1997, most recently the Dr. Nancy Thomas Memorial Scholarship fund. Her vision of student success came from the heart. Like her, helping students succeed makes me happy.”

'13 Employee CampaignClearence McCloud
“I’m paying it forward for our students. My support is an
investment in their future.”

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