Alumni in our Community

“Daytona State College brings tremendous value to the Daytona Beach Community. It provides an opportunity for anyone, willing and able to learn, the ability to learn. Daytona State offers a plethora of degrees and it’s affordable. There is no excuse for not continuing your education if you reside in the greater Daytona Beach Area.“ See the Ad...

Paula Reed, Miss Daytona Beach Community College 1979
Program Coordinator, McNair Scholars Program, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University



“Daytona State College is a generous and valued business partner that gives back to the community. The College provides an affordable,quality higher education for students throughout the Central Florida region and cultivates an educated workforce that helps to attract and keep quality jobs and stimulate the economic vitality that’s essential to our quality of life here in Volusia County and Central Florida.” See the Ad...

Ben Johnson, 1978 Daytona State College Graduate, Sherrif of Volusia County




“I wasn’t ready for a full-time college load. I was working toward an Agriculture Degree and working on my family farm at the same time. The ability to utilize the main campus and the De Land campus was important and gave me the flexibility I needed. Having Daytona State College as a part of our community allows many students who may find it difficult to attend a major university an opportunity to go to college and earn a degree.”  See the Ad...

John Hoblick, President, Florida Farm Bureau & 1984 Daytona State College Graduate


"Daytona State College is one of the key components of sustainable economic development for our community. They guide and educate sons, daughters, neighbors, parents and friends to be future police officers, doctors, artists,lawyers, entrepreneurs,firefighters, chefs, nurses, teachers, scientists,and public servants.” See the Ad...

Josh Wagner, 1997 Daytona State College Graduate, Attorney, County Councilman


“Daytona State College has given me an edge in my professional life by training me in the discipline needed to complete complicated tasks: prioritizing the most critical needs. That’s helpful in all workplaces, but in my field timing is everything. Nascar moves at 200 miles per hours!”

“Daytona State College has given us talented leadership and a true vision of what we should be. I feel Daytona State College is really our community leader in visionary thinking and action.” See the Ad...

Preston Root, MRN Radio Announcer & 1998 Daytona State College Graduate 


"Education is essential to both individual and community success. Daytona State College made a college degree possible for many of us who would not have otherwise had such an opportunity. I want to thank you for my opportunity beginning in 1960 when the name was Daytona Beach Junior College. Now in 2010, I am proud to see my grandchildren attending the institution that has grown into Daytona State College.”
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BettyJo Strickland, Owner, Down By The Sea, Flagler Beach, FL
1967 Daytona State College Graduate

"Today’s rapidly changing technology and discoveries in science, computer technology and health fields requires workers to continue state-of-the-art education. I am proud Daytona State College is available to advance teaching, learning and innovation. The College has a major impact on this community both financially and through educational programs. Research shows that over 70% of the business or community leaders either attended Daytona State College or have had a family member attend.”
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Joe Petrock, Executive Director Halifax Health Foundation/Government Relations
1973 Daytona State College Graduate & 2008 Bachelor’s Degree (Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration)

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